Our History.






The Year was 1975 when two community-minded Senior Commissioners began focus groups on senior issues. These individuals recognized not only senior needs but also the wanting of a site. If one quality stood out in these individuals, it was their insight. Insight to see concrete needs and to intuit unspoken needs, as well. Elena Baskin People came together to discuss and shape ideas. Two years in the making, the group secured a site and supervised construction of the now, senior center. The Task Force became the first Board of Directors. Their first function was to apply for a 501c3 private non-profit corporation status. After much back and forth, the status was granted on April 6, 1977.

Board members today are profiting by their fortitude. If there is a lesson, to be learned, it might be the continuous need to collaborate with other groups while maintaining a competitive edge. Through the years, Live Oak Multipurpose Senior Center developed into a stable fixture in the neighborhood. It is the home for the following senior agencies: Senior Network Services, Community Bridges, Alzheimer’s Association, and the Mobile Meals Program. Yes, the afternoon meal services are still happening at the Center. These Programs are as vital and viable today as they were in 1977



Over the years, we have become the meeting place for Toastmaster, RotaCare Clinic,
Rhododendron Society, and Cyclist Group. Yoga, TaiChi, and Art have become attractive adjuncts
at the Center, as well. The challenge confronting us is maintaining openness to social change and being responsive to the needs of generations ahead of us. We invite you to fast forward into the
future and help us tweak our center to the ever-changing times.





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